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Effective Strategies to Combating Counterfeits
& Ensuring Patient Safety

Event Overview

The cost of a counterfeit drug to a Pharma company includes lost of sales, the daily cost of in-hospital patients and the health cost of mis-diagnosis caused by fake medicines camouflaging genuine symptoms. Monetary factors aside, the most critical factor is the risks to patients’ health, and with increasing number of patients displaying resistance to original drugs after consumption of fake versions.
Economic pressures and ‘easy’ availability through internet channels are encouraging counterfeit drugs.

IBC’s inaugural Pharma Anti-Counterfeiting & Brand Protection Asia will bring together the Pharma industry, regulators and enforcers to better understand and learn and implement the latest developments in anti-counterfeiting measures.

Counterfeits have always been prolific in Asia’s emerging markets. However, the recent discovery by the US FDA that counterfeit drugs have entered US hospitals and medical centres has made it clear that counterfeiters are becoming more sophisticated, by-passing the most stringent of tests.

This conference and workshops will enable you to weigh strategic risk assessments and calculated costs, to employ strategies to combat counterfeits while protecting your brand.

Top 5 Reasons to Attend

  • Providing all-rounded insights to combating counterfeit drugs from how the Pharma industry is addressing this to regulators and enforcement agencies’ initiatives
  • Learn from industry case studies on Pharma strategies to tackle counterfeits
  • Featuring new developments in anti-counterfeit measures
  • Understand how regional companies and MNCs are employing technologies and practices to address counterfeits
  • Reduce losses and protect your company and brands, from securing your supply chain to how you label and package your drugs
Key speakers include:

Dr Ron Tomer
Vice President
Danny Hodder
Regional Director Asia Pacific, Global Security
Gautam Buddha
Senior Director, Packaging Development
Dr Reddy’s
Pankaj Monga
Director, Brand Protection, Asia
Johnson & Johnson

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Recent Headline News

“China to enforce blacklist for unsafe drugs”
China Daily, Aug12

"2,000 Arrested in China in Counterfeit Drug Crackdown” NYTimes, Aug12

“Fake-Drug Raids Are Uphill Battle”
WallStreet Journal, July12

“Some licensed drug stores sell fake meds”
PhilStar, June12

“Malaria: Fake and Substandard Drugs Grow as Threat to Fight Disease”
NYTimes, May12

“Fake cancer drug Avastin hits U.S. market for the second time”
CBSNews, April12

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